Administrative Advisory and IT (Information Technology) Committee Chair

If you enjoy problem solving, strategic thinking, and working behind the scenes with our wonderful staff, this is the place for you.  You do not need to be a tech genius, but you do need to be interested in information technology and how to use it to support the smooth running of the fellowship.  Working closely with the Congregational Administrator, the Admin/IT Committee chair oversees and coordinates a team of skilled volunteers who look after office technology, functioning and best practices

Detailed Description: 
The Admin/IT Committee Chair is the organizing force behind the committee, which does the following: It advises and works with the Congregational Administrator to organize documents and retain records and update administrative policies. It makes decisions about IT (computers, software, office machines, etc) updates, purchases and repair.) It maintains the fellowship’s website and Wi-Fi network. It oversees office policies and best practices and takes on projects to support and improve the general office functioning. While the Admin/IT Committee interacts with the Audio Visual folks, it is not in charge of the AV functioning of the Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall.
Service Term: 
3 years
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

The Admin/IT chair and committee enjoys a warm relationship with office staff and the opportunity for developing relationships with staff, members and friends.  Working at the hub of the Fellowship, you come to understand how the Fellowship works and to connect deeply with QUUF.  This is also an opportunity to deepen your own knowledge and use your creativity and organizational skills

The Admin/IT committee provides vital, high function systems and technological infrastructure that support the Mission and Key Programs of the Fellowship.  It oversees and maintains systems and tools that bring greater productivity and effectiveness to many others in the organization.  Without this committee we would not have a redesigned website, a dependable Wi-Fi network, or highly-functional office IT system.

Skills Needed: 

Organization, collaboration and positive encouragement of a team. Sense of humor.  Good decision making, process guidance and respect for diversity and others’ ideas and skills.  Working knowledge of MS Office, Word, Excel and Access would be a plus.  Experience with IT systems, although nice, is not required.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

Hands on, one on one orientation and coaching, as desired.  Accumulated library of technical documentation; selected tutorials; Walkthrough of QUUF/Admin/Technology planning documents (strategic and tactical) and recent annual reports.

Contact Person: 
Pat Rodgers
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