Affinity Groups Coordinator

The Affinity Groups Coordinator is responsible for the overall coordination and organization of the QUUF Affinity Groups.

Detailed Description: 
1) Advertises the signup for the Affinity Groups on the Opening Sunday of the programmatic year. In August contacts the existing Affinity Groups to check on their status, and puts out the call for new Affinity Groups. (6-8 hours) 2) Assistis new Groups (and sometimes ongoing Groups) in clarifying exactly what their particular group might be and assistis in writing up their advertisements for it. (6 hours). 3) Coordinates the actual sign-up on the last 3 Sundays of September. (2-3 hours) 4) Follows up with the facilitators/contacts/conveners of the various Affinity Groups. (2-3 hours) 5) Provides facilitators with materials they might use in their Affinity Groups. (2 hours in year) 6) In some cases, attends the opening meeting of a new Affinity Group. (2-3 hours for each new group) 7) Keeps an ongoing record of the facilitators and members of the groups (4-6 hours a year) 8) Convenes a meeting of all the Affinity Group facilitators/conveners, 2-3 times a year ideally. (2 hours per meeting) 9) Advertises during the year for new groups and for additional members of existing groups. (4 hours in year) 10) Provides advise/counsel to the facilitators of the Groups when needed.
Service Term: 
2 years
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

An Affinity Group Coordinator may contribute in a very large way to the small group work of the Fellowship, essential in a larger religious organization. It can be an opportunity for an individual or individuals (if this position were shared) to draw on interpersonal and organizational skills.

Skills Needed: 

Organizing and relational skills would be necessary, and some capacity with computers.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

Staff support would be available.

Contact Person: 
Trish Rossi, Jon Rossi
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