Animal Action Group Member

QAA members advocate for the health and well being of all sentient creatures and their habitats.  

Detailed Description: 
QAA members advocate for the health and well being of all sentient creatures and their habitats. QAA endeavors to address the issues of the extinction crisis, climate crisis and animal cruelty. We believe in and actively support the inherent worth and dignity of all individual beings. This group is for anyone who wants to deepen understanding of other species, their habitats as well as support each other in our efforts and relationship to the greater-than-human world.
Service Term: 
1 year
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

QUUAM members provide a service to QUUF congregation in education and raising awareness about all species and the environment, thereby helping to change the social and world dynamics of human relationships that are helping or harming our planet. We deepen our relationships with each other in this action group as well as by working with other QUUF members and friends, and the greater community.

Skills Needed: 

The main skill needed is the love of other species and each other. In our Action Group Covenant we emphasize openness and loving communication - “We believe the shifting paradigm from human dominance to a reverence for all life is key to healing the world. Growing our skills and capacity for compassionate communication, we will act in ways that nourish one another and support our multi-species communities.” Other skills are WELCOMED and appreciated and can be utilized - we are a new and growing group needing the multi-skilled diversity of many members.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

No training or requirements. If one goes on a field trip or volunteers as part of this group, the obvious “at your own risk”  applies.

Contact Person: 
Polly Thurston
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Position Open
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