Candle Care Steward

The Candle Care Steward cleans and restocks candles in the sanctuary.  

Detailed Description: 
Candles in the sanctuary provide an opportunity for members, friends, and visitors to recognize or sanctify memories or emotions that are deeply personal and unspoken. The Candle Care Steward enhances the aesthetics of the sanctuary and assures that congregants wishing to light a private candle have a ready opportunity. The candles are checked weekly some time after all the Sunday services are completed. They need to be cleaned and replaced with new candles. Candles at one quarter inch still have an hour or two of burn-time. The long candles used to light other candles need to have their wicks kept short. The area where the candles are displayed occasionally needs to be cleaned of dripped wax. The office should be notified when more candles are needed. This service opportunity is currently not connected to a committee. Time commitment is 6-8 hours a week.
Service Term: 
1 year
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

The job provides aesthetic enhancement to the sanctuary and private emotion support for congregants.  It is a simple, solitary job. It is a satisfying way to volunteer when you wish to do a solitary task, without complexity. It does require a person who does not travel a great deal, or for long periods of time.

Skills Needed: 

Know how to clean wax and be available weekly.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

This position is currently filled by Barbara Miles. When she is ready to retire from it, she will be essential in the training.

Contact Person: 
Robin Moreau
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