Choir member

A choir member performs a vital service to enhance the beauty of Sunday Services by singing in the QUUF choir. 

Detailed Description: 
The choir is a welcoming, supportive, and fun group to be a part of. No auditions, previous choral experience, or ability to read music is necessary. This a teaching choir; and we offer a lot of support through midi files and part work during rehearsal. The choir performs at both services two times a month from September through June. Choir members leave after the second performance, before the sermon. We have fun learning our parts at Wednesday evening rehearsals beginning in mid-August.
Service Term: 
1 year
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

Music communicates on an emotional level deeper than words.  Joining others in making music with your voice is a satisfying way to express your spirituality as a member of a caring and supportive group.  The gift you give to the congregation is an enhancement of their experience in the Sunday service, deepening their spirituality.  You express your love of music and share your gift with the congregation. 

Skills Needed: 

An ability to match pitches is helpful but pitch-matching is a largely acquired skill. An ability to read music is also an advantage but not required.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

Participating in our teaching rehearsals helps build skills in how to produce a good tone, develop a musician’s ear, and learn to harmonize with others. Participating in the services encourages intrepidity and courage to overcome stage fright, nervousness, and timidity. Rehearsal files are available to access on your computer to practice your part at home.

Contact Person: 
Marj Iuro
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Position Open
Date Filled: 
Thursday, November 17, 2016
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