Conversation Team Leader

Working with the Pathways to Service Coordinating Committee, support and facilitate a team of 15-18 “Conversationalists.”

Detailed Description: 
The purpose of this service opportunity is to ensure that the members of the Conversation Team are supported, trained and doing conversations according to the method developed by the Pathways to Service (PTS) Coordinating Committee. There is an on-going group of about 14 Conversationalists. The Team Leader recruits more Conversationalists as needed (the ideal number is about 18), trains them, and facilitates an every-other month 1.5 hour meeting. Facilitating the meeting includes creating the agenda, running the meeting, and coordinating with the PTS Coordinating Committee and staff to be sure that names are being assigned to Conversationalists. The Team Leader also does conversations. Finally, the Team Leader attends meetings of the PTS Coordinating Committee every other month and participates in decision making about the larger program.
Service Term: 
2 years
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

This position is very rewarding because it provides the opportunity to hear about how all conversations are going and get first-hand knowledge of how the PTS program is reaching people and inviting them to engage and share their unique gifts. The conversations are the heart of the program and even those people who do not immediately engage in service are given the chance to be heard, feel welcomed, and make a connection with the larger congregation.

Skills Needed: 

The Conversation Team Leader should have strong organizational skills and the ability to facilitate groups. Facilitation skills include the ability to listen, move an agenda along, and make sure everyone is included. Organizational skills include ability to keep a roster up to date, plan meetings, manage paperwork, communicate with email, and work with the PTS database.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

The out-going Conversation Team Leader will train the new Team Leader. In the past the Team Leader had a partner who was trained in counseling. This person was a resource for people who needed extra support with interpersonal skills or interview skills. Going forward, this resource will be found by the PTS Coordinating Committee if members of the Team need this.

Contact Person: 
Kendra Golden
Contact Person Email:
# of positions available: 
Position Filled
Service Opportunity Filled By: 
Kendra Golden
Date Filled: 
Sunday, September 1, 2019
Expected Service Opportunity Term End: 
Wednesday, July 1, 2020
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