Designated Offerings Committee Member

Help to recognize and select local charitable nonprofits as recipients of a Designated Offering.

Detailed Description: 
The Designated Offerings Committee usually meets twice a year for approximately 1½ hours each. At the first meeting, held before the Church year begins, the committee members select and schedule (in accordance with the dates assigned by the administration) 16 nonprofit organizations to receive QUUF funds from Designated Offerings for that year. (These offerings are in addition to the monthly Food Bank collection.) The Committee comes together for a second meeting a few months later, at which time they update the list and make any necessary changes. Depending on the number of Committee members, each member serves as liaison to three to five organizations. Committee members volunteer to serve as liaisons to the recipients. The liaisons’ responsibilities are to contact the recipients; write a brief description of the organization for publication in the Weekly Update and the Order of Service; and arrange to meet their representative at the Sunday service. To facilitate the process, the liaisons report to the Chair on their contacts with the organizations and their responses. Other than the two meetings and greeting the recipient representative on the designated Sunday, the Committee members work independently.
Service Term: 
1 year
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

Serving on the Designated Offering Committee is truly inspirational and a wonderful opportunity to connect with the larger community and to become familiar with the accomplishments of the local charitable service organizations and the dedicated individuals serving them.  Committee members thereby become more familiar with Port Townsend and the surrounding community and the needs of its people.

The congregation benefits by becoming more knowledgeable about these community organizations, their needs and what they do.  By donating to the various recipients, QUUF members can feel they are making a difference in the world by enabling the nonprofits to continue their work and enrich our community and ultimately the world.

Skills Needed: 

Committee members must be organized, responsible, capable of working independently, able to contact and communicate with people they do not know and willing to follow through on their assignments.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

No special training is necessary. Committee members are given enough information to enable them to carry out their responsibilities, and assistance is provided by the Chair if needed.

Contact Person: 
Kyanne Andersen
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# of positions available: 
Position Open
Expected Service Opportunity Term End: 
Friday, June 30, 2017