Event Coordinator

Help QUUF members and/or outside people wanting to rent the QUUF facility navigate the process of booking and completing a rental event at QUUF.

Detailed Description: 
The Admin and IT Committee would like to find someone (or more than one person) within QUUF to help the office staff (Pattie and Robin) by being an Event Coordinator for building rentals. This could be as simple as helping a QUUF committee or individual put together all the needed pieces to smoothly secure a room at QUUF for a special event – in essence, guiding people through the forms and guidelines listed at https://www.quuf.org/about-quuf/committees/committee-resources/. On a more complex level, this person could also handle the extra steps needed for an outside rental – navigating the links at https://www.quuf.org/about-quuf/facility-use/ and https://www.quuf.org/about-quuf/facility-use/wedding-policy-guidelines/.
Service Term: 
As needed
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

Coordinating with members of the staff (making a calendar reservation, selecting rooms to rent, designating room layout needed, pricing, and more) will help more people understand the complex process for booking a major event at QUUF. Having an Event Coordinator provides a single point of reference, thus making QUUF a friendlier place for outsiders to complete the rental process.

Skills Needed: 

Ability to learn all the steps necessary to complete the rental process.
Ability to track the progress of renters in the completion of the tasks necessary to reserve and hold an event.
Ability to assist renters in completing these tasks in a helpful and friendly manner.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

Training will be provided by the office manager (Pattie Miles), office administrator (Robin Moreau), treasurer (Penny Ridderbusch), and custodian (Christopher Overman) for each of their areas.

Contact Person: 
Pat Rodgers
Contact Person Email: 
# of positions available: 
Position Open
Hours per Month: