Facilities Management Oversight Committee Chair

Lead a group that does the strategic and financial planning for our facilities and also manages specific projects related to our facilities here at QUUF.

Detailed Description: 
The chairperson convenes and leads monthly meetings and is responsible for reporting on activities. The chair, along with four other members and with the Sexton and Congregational Administrator as staff representatives, will create a list of prioritized projects and their budgets, as submitted through staff, Facilities Request Project Forms, Capital Needs Requests, and the Safety and Risk Management Committee. They will research needs for big projects, oversee accessibility improvements and be involved in the management of the Columbarium project as needed. Other activities will include recruiting volunteers for big projects, forming task forces as needed, developing the annual facilities budget, managing monthly facilities expenditures, participating in strategic long term planning for facilities, acting in a consulting role on proposed changes to building use decision and policy, and getting regular feedback from the Sexton regarding daily maintenance operations.
Service Term: 
3 years
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

In our growing congregation there is a continual desire to make the physical plant work better to meet all the needs. As chair you will play a vital leadership role in helping to prioritize and plan for these improvements. It will give you the chance to work with a small team, to plan and direct completion of these projects. The congregation will benefit from a dedicated team that addresses the physical needs in a thoughtful, manner.

Skills Needed: 

Strategic planning, finance, and project management. The chair will be the organizing person who makes sure the meetings are held, following up on details, etc. 

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

This is a new approach to our traditional buildings and grounds committee and means that the chair and members will draw on their own experience in setting their agendas. Assistance and guidance will also come from the Sexton and Congregational Administrator as staff representatives.

Contact Person: 
John Tyburski
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