Finance Committee Member

Joining the Finance Committee introduces you to a fun and collegial group of finance nerds who like to talk about money and policy. This is one of the key nuts-and-bolts administrative committees, and it is crucial to the effective and responsible functioning of the fellowship.

Detailed Description: 
The Finance Committee’s most important job is to support the work of the Fellowship Treasurer. The Treasurer has a big job and benefits greatly from individuals with financial knowledge and experience and a willingness to take on special tasks and research projects. This committee carries out a number of financial operations. One major project is organizing and collecting information for proposing the annual budget. We also work to establish financial policies and procedures. Finance Committee members participate in the following tasks: •Monthly review of financial statements •Ongoing review and creation of financial policies and procedures •Manage and oversee QUUF’s investments Responsibilities include monthly meeting as well as some at-home “homework” and an annual day-long planning retreat.
Service Term: 
1 year
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

Joining this lively, collegial group allows the member to learn more about the financial workings of QUUF, to work on “big picture” issues as well as joy of financial strategizing. It is satisfying knowing that you are doing vital work that supports the fellowship.The Fellowship needs people to keep it on the “straight and narrow,” financially speaking. This committee keeps the fellowship financially healthy and able to fulfill its vision and mission.

Skills Needed: 

Ability to read and understand financial reports ; comfort with numbers and arithmetic; interest in policies and procedures; ability to meet on a regular monthly basis. Comfort with spreadsheets would be a plus.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

If you take on a specific task, we will thoroughly train you, but otherwise little training is necessary. Every summer we meet for a long retreat and policy meeting to set the annual agenda. Estimated time commitment is 10-12 hours per month.

Contact Person: 
Gail Bernhard
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# of positions available: 
Position Open