Green Sanctuary Committee Chair

Facilitate meetings and help promote the 7th UU principle to “respect the interconnected web of all existence of which we are a part”.  

Detailed Description: 
Work with staff, board liaisons, Social Justice Council, and the greater Jefferson County community to further the purpose of the committee. The Committee encourages the congregation to learn about and take action to promote sustainability and care of our environment. We encourage personal lifestyle changes and congregational practices to reduce our carbon footprint. We work to heal environmental injustices, especially those affecting native peoples. We strive to incorporate ecological conscience in religious education and worship. Our theme since 2015 has been “Global warming, climate justice and the Salish Sea”. Activities that are undertaken depend upon the passions and interests of the individual members and opportunities that often arise – like a new movie opportunity, or whom we select for the EcoHero Award. Examples of committee action include conducting environmental audits, collaborating with Social Justice Council efforts to promote Climate Justice, sponsoring films and presentations with other groups, supporting environmentally related RE programs and services, and advocating for legislation that promotes our values.We usually meet once a month. Time required is about 6-8 hours most months (September – June) but more in October (Harvest Festival), March (World Water Day), April (Earth Day), and if other elective opportunities arise. Term 3 years.
Service Term: 
3 years
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

For those seriously concerned about the future of life on earth, this committee is a great way to feel like you are doing something about it. Sharing concerns and positive actions with like-minded folks can be a great relief. The chair of this committee has a great opportunity to learn and exercise leadership skills and get to know other leaders through the Leadership Assembly. The congregation benefits from the work of the committee, since the committee offers ways that everyone can contribute to help address environmental crises and climate disruption.

Skills Needed: 

Passion for doing something about Global Climate Disruption, Ability to prepare for and facilitate meetings, willing to motivate people to take action, able to listen and be accepting of different opinions, Patience with small steps in the right direction.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

Outgoing chairs are willing to work closely with incoming chair.

Contact Person: 
Peg Hunter, Patrick Johnson
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