Green Sanctuary Committee Member

The Green Sanctuary Committee informs and educates the congregation about sustainability and the care of our environment through presentations as part of the formal service, and multiple programs and activities throughout the year. 

Detailed Description: 
The purpose of the Green Sanctuary Committee is to encourage the congregation to learn about and take action to promote sustainability and care of our local to global environment through increased consciousness, lifestyle changes, community education and involvement in environmental issues at the personal, congregational, UU, local, state and federal levels. QUUF became certified as a Green Sanctuary by UU Ministry For Earth in 2009 after completing a 2- year process of educational programs, energy audits, activism and other ongoing commitments to support our 7th UU Principle: “Respect for the interdependent web of existence of which we are a part”. Our current Green Sanctuary Committee theme is Global Warming, Climate Justice and the Salish Sea, and we embrace all efforts that promote a just and sustainable community. The committee works closely with the Social Justice Council Examples of regular activities include: 1) Earth Day, celebrated with service events and musical or film programs and selection of an EcoHero from the congregation or community for recognition and an award. 2) A Harvest Festival hosted with our Religious Ed. Committee early every fall with cider pressing and squash car races, games, and a potluck dinner. 3) Other events, such as music, art in the foyer, invited talks are organized as well. Committee members tasks involve preparation for events - distributing announcements in town and to local newspaper, designing and distributing posters, selling tickets in QUUF lobby, arranging the lobby, friendship hall, sanctuary, some food layout. Tasks at the Harvest Festival include helping with car construction, judging the car races with a sharp eye, overseeing safety and sanitation at the apple pressing, testing the vintage. The committee generally meets monthly, 1.5 hours, during the church year. There are programs and events that can involve committee members for another 3 or more hours per event. The committee is open to new ideas or initiatives brought by new members and frequently supports local environmental programs initiated by other local groups, like movies, marches, letter writing campaigns, legislative outreach, and more. The committee consists of a chairperson appointed by the board as well as QUUF Members and friends and others who chose to participate. More information can be found in the Operations Manual of the Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, adopted 1998, Revised May 2008, Revised and Updated July 2016, under the headings Green Sanctuary Statement and Green Sanctuary Committee.
Service Term: 
1 year
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

The committee member is introduced to a wide variety of environmental and sustainability issues through the committee meetings and activities of the committee.   The member has the opportunity to inform and involve members of the congregation in these social and educational events at a personal level and/or through community action.   These activities expand the horizons of the member beyond the usual levels of exposure to environmental issues.

Skills Needed: 

No special skills needed other than a passion for the environment.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

The committee chair, long standing committee members and QUUF liaison members provide a rich resource for volunteers to carry the activities of the GS committee.

Contact Person: 
Peg Hunter, Patrick Johnson
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Position Open
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