IT Support, Office Workstation Specialist

Use your computer skills on your own time, working with a great team.  The focus of this position is to ensure reliable, useful, efficient desktop tools/environments for our ministers, office staff, and volunteers who sometimes work on site, i.e. by maintaining a reliable, standardized and up-to-date office computing environment that fully supports operational functions and workloads.  The Workstation Specialist works closely with the Network Specialist, Web Support providers, the Admin/IT Chair and the Congregational Administrator and/or Office Manager.

Detailed Description: 
Background: This is one of three key volunteer positions within the Admin/IT Committee requiring specific technical skills or training; see Chair position description for scope and purpose of the whole committee. This position is responsible for maintaining all workstations (Windows and Mac platforms) used by staff and volunteers in the QUUF office. Maintenance includes: installing/updating hardware and software, trouble-shooting/diagnosing/repairing malfunctions; problem & change record-keeping; printing support; vendor interfacing; and providing hands-on user assistance, as needed. Ideally, two people could share this role and back each other up. Specific functions/tasks include: • Respond to requests for assistance from ministers, staff and other Admin/IT members • Triage technical problems and requests for new services. • Maintain a detailed inventory of equipment, computing hardware and software, and standard configurations for PCs, Macs and critical software. • Participate in the evaluation of vendors, products, and outside services. • Assist in preparation of plans and budgets for Admin/IT capital projects and annual maintenance. • Develop and maintain technical documentation and user manuals. • Plan periodic upgrades in consideration of the QUUF calendar to minimize disruption of service • Maintain regular data backup files and periodically audit both backups and security functions .• Research best practices, platforms, architecture and products, as needed. • Serve as main interface with hardware, software and service vendors, as assigned.
Service Term: 
1 year
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

Deepen relationships by working with our great existing team, QUUF staff, members and friends. Continually deepen and update your own knowledge and skills. Use your creativity and skills to provide systems/ tools that bring greater productivity/ effectiveness to many others in the organization.  Save money for the congregation.   Provide vital, high function systems and technological infrastructure that supports the Mission and Key Programs of the Fellowship.

Skills Needed: 

Any of the following, and/or technical aptitude for hands on learning: Organization, collaboration and positive attitude.  Sense of humor.  Good decision making, process design skills.  Team player who is able to work independently as needed.   Familiarity/expertise with any/all of the following: Systems/technology analysis, design and development; change and problem management; technical writing; Windows/Mac computing platforms, MS Office, Word, Excel, Access, and other tools;  PowerChurch or other church/financial database applications; printing protocols; email and other communication and social networking tools.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

Hands on, one on one orientation and coaching, as desired and as possible.  Accumulated library of technical documentation; selected tutorials; Walkthrough of QUUF technical environment & documents  Attend professional training classes at QUUF expense, as necessary, to cover gaps in your own experience/skills.

Contact Person: 
Admin/IT Temporary Chair (Pat Rodgers), Congregational Administrator (Robin Moreau)
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Position Open
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