Long Range Analysis Committee Member

A member of the Long Range Analysis Committee has the unique opportunity to develop a long-term perspective of the development of QUUF (over 5 to 15 years) for the purpose of trying to identify crucial growth questions that should permeate and guide long-range decisions by the Fellowship.  The member also has the opportunity to keep grounded in reality by researching, collecting and maintaining yearly data documenting the physical growth of the Fellowship.

Detailed Description: 
Purpose: Construct various models for the future evolution of QUUF, clarifying the range of choices available, and highlighting the potential significant impacts of those choices. The products of the committee are designed to be a resource for the Board, committees and the Fellowship membership as they consider the future direction of QUUF. Central Responsibilities: • Attempt to identify crucial growth questions that should permeate and guide long-range decisions by the Fellowship • Provide useful long-range analysis by creating and presenting scenarios of possible choices in response to crucial growth questions. Analyses should address both our strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats to the continued development and excellence of our programs and services • Maintain a secure, trusted and convenient repository for data relevant to long-term (5 to 15 year) trends at QUUF. This includes data on membership, attendance, pledging, and other community demographics. • Be generally cognizant of future trends in other UU churches, UUA recommendations and new church models. Time commitment: The committee meets once or twice each month. Preparation for meetings, including data collection and Excel file updates, may take a few hours between meetings. Key activities: Every year prior to the Board retreat, the LRA Committee gives recommendations to the Board about active long-range vista or planning topics which would be useful to consider. Beyond this, insights should be creatively shared with the Congregation as needed.
Service Term: 
3 years
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

Committee members are encouraged to creatively consider the long-range choices before QUUF.  The necessity of thinking clearly and creatively while working with others has the potential to build a strong sense of synergy among committee members.  The lack of decision-making power challenges the volunteer to find ways to reach out to others – A committee member also has the satisfaction of maintaining historical growth data which should give a sense of reality to any choices for vista scenarios the committee might construct.  The net result for a congregation is a sense that when it’s time to make decisions about the future, we understand where we’re headed and how the choices made to get there will impact us.

Skills Needed: 

Some experience with the evolution of QUUF.  A team player who not only listens carefully to other committee members but also keeps alert to general membership needs and Board agendas.  A familiarity with Excel spreadsheets is a great benefit.  A willingness to collect data, and to share committee insights with others through writing or speaking.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

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Tim Berry
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