Membership Committee Chair

Use your leadership skills in organizing, inspiring, encouraging, and working with an experienced and delightful committee whose purpose is to welcome, connect with and help engage QUUF members in congregational life.

Detailed Description: 
Provide leadership for all the Membership Committee work. Listen to, encourage participation of and value input from all Membership Committee members. Support Membership Committee Team Leaders. Plan, prepare and conduct interesting, relevant and participatory monthly meetings September through June. Collaborate with the Membership Coordinator on Orientations and other projects as appropriate. Be responsible for timely submitting of budget and reports as requested by QUUF. Time Commitment Monthly Meetings- September through June (currently 2 to 3:30 pm the second Thursday of the month) While time for planning, prep and then the meeting varies some, it is usually no more than 5 hours a month. Collaborative meetings with Membership Coordinator as needed. (Varies depending on activity – most months one hour every other week. Newcomer Orientations - November, February, May. We prepare for the 3-hour events by putting together participant notebooks. The actual events, held on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, each require prep and cleanup time, so about 4 to 5 hours of Chair and Committee member time. Newcomer Recognition Sunday – The week before, the Membership Coordinator and Committee Chair have several hours of prep. Leadership Assembly gatherings – four 2 hour evening events a year
Service Term: 
3 years
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

While responsible for specific tasks and activities that are the Membership Committee’s charge, as committee chair you will have many opportunities to share your expertise and creativity as you lead. It feels good to take a turn as a leader in our Fellowship from which we draw so much spiritually, intellectually and socially. It is energizing to get acquainted with potential members and friends and then welcome them as they choose to join QUUF. At each Orientation session, words from Kate and inspirational stories from the participants prompt reflection on what is really important …in life as well as being an active member of our Fellowship. The Leadership Assembly is a welcome opportunity to connect with other committee chairs and learn about things such as QUUF’s programs, current issues and governance.

Skills Needed: 

Ability to create an atmosphere of shared good work and discovery during meetings and our tasks. Have the ability to get everyone involved and let them know they are valued. It helps to have the ability to be both serious and playful, to direct the energy to important work or sense when one, or all, need to step back, perhaps to think or to laugh. It takes skill to nurture committee members while they discover and develop new skills and also to empower others to lead teams.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

The Board and Staff Liaisons provide on-going support, answer questions and serve as a connection from you, the Membership Chair to all those who serve to make QUUF all it is. These include the QUUF administration, Board and other volunteers and staff. Ideally, a Membership Committee Chair will have served on the Membership Committee for at least the year prior to taking the job. Thus, s/he will have” on-the-almost-my-job” training. Certainly the retiring committee chair will mentor the new chair.

Contact Person: 
Betty O'Bryan
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