Music Program Committee Chair

The Music Program Committee supports the development and maintenance of an excellent and vibrant music program at QUUF. The Music Program Committee works closely with the choir director to support the music program of the Fellowship. The committee helps to schedule pianists, soloists and instrumentalists for the year, fostering music as part of our worship services. The chairperson guides the committee in its deliberations and decisions. 

Detailed Description: 
Music Program Committee Chair facilitates monthly committee meetings, sets agenda, and notifies committee members of up-coming meetings and special musical events. The chair prepares an annual budget and provides advice for the choir director’s annual review. The Music Program Committee may also organize special concerts or other musical events. Other duties include attending the Leadership Assembly’s quarterly meetings and preparing the annual report of the committee's activities during the preceding year. Time required varies, but the best estimate is 6-8 hours a month.
Service Term: 
3 years
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

Music is a favorite part of the Sunday Service, one that has the power to touch people deeply in a way that words cannot. Out music program enriches the life of the Fellowship and provides an opportunity for people who are moved tom sing and/or play an instrument to offer these gifts. A chairperson who loves music will find this opportunity deeply fulfilling. In addition, Music Program Chair enjoys the fellowship of working closely with the minister, the choir director, and musicians. As with any leadership position, chairing this committee brings the reward of collegial relations with other leaders and a deeper understanding of the Fellowship.

Skills Needed: 

The chair should be able to lead a discussion; have organizational skills; be good at interpersonal relation able to delegate.  Please note: While a love of music may make the position more compelling, it is not a requirement.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

No special training needed.

Contact Person: 
Lynn Wilson
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