Nominating Committee Member

The Committe identifies and engages interested and qualified QUUF members to serve as leaders in our fellowship. 

Detailed Description: 
Members are nominated for a position and approved by the membership at the annual meeting. Nominating committee members generally convene and begin their work each September. They meet at the fellowship, as called by the committee chair, generally no more than monthly, until the process of identifying and nominating candidates is complete. On an annual basis, nominating committee members do an active and thoughtful search for potential board members, nominating committee members, and endowment committee members to fill positions that will be vacated as the respective terms come to an end. The process of identifying potential candidates generally involves reviewing the membership directory to identify candidates; publicizing the open positions; discussiing with board members, staff, committee chairs and others who may have suggestions; and reviewing the volunteer questionnaire to identify interests expressed therein by members. Board: When reviewing potential candidates for the board, first evaluate whether they have had experience serving on committees and/or boards or if they have had other leadership experience that qualifies them. When possible, seek additional information to verify the suitability of the candidate. When identifying board candidates, specifically keep in mind the officer positions that the board must fill (secretary, treasurer, vice-president and president) and consider the past experience of a candidate that may indicate a good fit for one of these positions. Confer with the candidates about their willingness to accept an officer position for which he or she seems to be well suited. Nominating Committee: When reviewing potential candidates for the nominating committee, evaluate whether the candidates have had enough involvement and experience with church affairs and activities, committees, etc. to have become acquainted with a good number of members. Endowments Committee: When reviewing potential candidates for the endowments committee, evaluate the experience and understanding the candidates have in regard to finance, investments and management of invested funds. Before finalizing the selection, send each candidate (via email or regular mail) a copy of the service opportunity (job description) for either the position and verify that the candidate has read and understood the responsibilities before proceeding with the nomination. After strong candidates have been identified and each has reacted positively to the service opportunity, submit the slate to the Board in writing. After the Board approves the slate of candidates, the chair of the nominating committee gives written notice of the slate of candidates to the congregation (by standard mail or by electronic means) at least sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Meeting (or a Special Meeting if necessary).
Service Term: 
2 years
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

When you volunteer for this opportunity, you are investing your energy and experience in the future success of the fellowship. This position, like no other, gives you the opportunity to craft the future by identifying members who possess leadership skills, a balanced view, and the foresight to lead the fellowship as its goals are realized.

Skills Needed: 

This committee’s work is a team effort but each individual on the team should be comfortable reaching out to other members to research potential candidates and should have the confidence to positively and realistically present the volunteer opportunity to those candidates. The skills needed are very much like those of an informed sales person.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

There is no particular training for this committee but the chairperson will provide the leadership and guidance necessary to assist new members.

Contact Person: 
Shary Irwin
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