Pastoral Care Committee Member

Each  committee member commits to providing services that support our 1st UU principle: to promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and to uphold confidentiality as we serve. Members are expected to attend occasional meetings and participate in a team of choice.

Detailed Description: 
Our committee has chosen to work in teams. The teams include: Sage Club Luncheon, Cards and Rides, Buddy Visitations, Publicity, Meals, Cooking Projects, Story-Corps, and Administrative Tasks. Members choose to either lead or help with the team that is most appealing to them. Each team meets and carries out their tasks, and the team leader reports to the committee chairperson. Additional short-term volunteers who have expressed an interest in working with teams are asked to help with many of the teams. The pastoral care team is being developed and will be chosen and directed by our ministers.
Service Term: 
3 years
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

Working in teams allows committee members to follow their passions and the result is work that is satisfying and interesting. Using additional non-member volunteers gives an opportunity to get to know new people, and gives the volunteers a chance to get to know us. It does away with long committee meetings involving lengthy discussion. This committee provides valuable services to members of our community directly in line with our UU principles.

Skills Needed: 

Skills needed for this committee include a passion for helping others, good listening and communication skills, ability to maintain confidentiality, accepting responsibility and ability to follow through, compassion and ability to work in a group.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

Training in listening and other skills is provided to new members of the committee by the chairperson and team leaders.

Contact Person: 
Carol Graves
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