Pledge Campaign Committee Member

Join a group committed to meeting the financial needs of the congregation.  

Detailed Description: 
The Annual Pledge committee consists of about half a dozen people, folks with the long view of maintaining the QUUF budget. The chair works with committee members to oversee the big picture of meeting those needs. Monthly meetings (October to May) keep the process on track.January and February are the busiest times, when the committee meets weekly to assure that the annual Pledge campaign can run smoothly. Pledges provide 90% or more of the QUUF operating budget, giving us the ability to do our programs as well as we do! Chair and committee members make sure the parts of the campaign come together. These include: • Revising and devising the informational brochure, newsletters and notices • Providing pledge packets and information on ways and means to give • Providing an annual light hearted event before Stewardship Sunday • Providing an angle/theme for the campaign, including displays and entertainment Specific jobs in the above tasks are done by short-term volunteers. These include some or all of the following: Fellowship Event Coordinator, Table hosts, Provider of display posters, Entertainment Coordinator, Person to oversee the production and distribution of brochures (Packet and envelope stuffing), Sound system provider, Stewardship testimonials. Post campaign follow-up includes; pledge acknowledgements, thank yous, evaluating/assessing the effectiveness of the campaign.
Service Term: 
1 year
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

The success of QUUF hinges on how well we can provide the financial support for our staff and programs.  Committee members like to see and provide the big picture and are drawn to the value of its importance.  They enjoy figuring out how to communicate the big picture to the congregation.  They have the satisfaction of “taking care of our stuff.”  They enjoy providing the fellowship the means by which we can extend our giving to what is both greater than ourselves and personally important.

Skills Needed: 

• Financial acumen! A love of seeing/directing the big financial picture • Organizational skills are very important; the ability to see the whole as well as component parts • Ability to work with people on a committee to get a job done

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

Supportive committee members and past volunteers provide much assistance. Good records of previous years’ campaigns provide the backbone on which the next year’s campaign is built.

Contact Person: 
Marilyn Mitchell, Sherry Modrow
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Position Open
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