QUUF New Member Mentors

Become a mentor to our newest QUUF members. We are a large, active, quickly moving and growing fellowship and it is often overwhelming to new people. The purpose of the mentoring program is to make sure new members feel supported, included and warmly welcomed.

Detailed Description: 
QUUF New Member Mentor Program Job Description for Mentors MAIN PURPOSE We are a large, active, growing and changing fellowship and that can be overwhelming to a new person as they first enter our community. The purpose of a QUUF New Member Mentor's purpose is to ease the way for our newest members towards active participation and a feeling of belonging. Support New Members to: • Find ways to become involved in QUUF • Get to know others and form meaningful relationships • Become familiar with QUUF and the way we do things TIME COMMITMENT Mentors should be prepared to accompany/support their newcomer(s) through their first six months to a year. Understandably, your guidance will be needed more frequently during the first few critical weeks or months; and less so as time progresses. RESPONSIBILITIES Initial Contact • Make a phone call –announce that you are their New Member Mentor. • Briefly explain your role. • Arrange to get together -- at church or over coffee, etc. Begin to get to know them. Beyond the initial contact phase, here are some suggestions and ideas: Sunday Mornings • Meet and greet them on Sunday mornings; perhaps sit with them. • Invite them to Coffee Hour and introduce them to others. Ways to Become Involved • Invite them to become involved in a one-time event, such as a Friendship Supper, the Book Sale, Picnic, a Pancake Breakfast, or attending a “Meaningful Films” evening. Perhaps you could invite them to assist you in your own involvements, such as sitting-in during a meeting, helping in the kitchen, etc. • Listen for things that appeal to their special interests and talents! Meet Others and Form Meaningful Relationships • Accompany them to the Three-Month Check and Connect Potluck, which acts as a follow-up to their initial Orientation Session. • Invite them to upcoming church activities, special events, etc. • Invite them to dinner; ask other QUUF members to join you! • Encourage them to sign up for an ALPS offering (Do they need help with Sign-Up Genius?) Become Familiar with Major Activities and the Way We Do Things • Introduce them to Staff persons, Board members, Committee chairs, Special Event chairs, etc. • Encourage them to attend congregational meetings, such as the Annual Meeting and the Annual Stewardship Dinner. CONTACT PERSONS • Betty O’Bryan, Membership Committee Chair: bettyob3333@gmail.com • Alice Clive, QUUF Mentors Team Leader: foureyes22@outlook.com 10/08/18
Service Term: 
6-12 months
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

Support New Members in:
• Finding ways to become involved at QUUF
• Getting to know others and form meaningful relationships
• Becoming familiar with QUUF & the way things work around here!

Benefits of Serving as a Mentor:

• Enjoy the satisfaction of extending a personal, caring and genuine welcome to our newest members.
• Get to know interesting and unique individuals as they join our Fellowship.
Share the joy of being part of our QUUF family.

Skills Needed: 

Willingness to reach out and connect with another person.
Interpersonal warmth
Sincere interest in getting to know others.
General knowledge of QUUF programs, activities and events.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

Any assistance needed can be found by contacting Betty OBryan, Membership Chair or Alice Clive, Team Leader, QUUF Mentors

Contact Person: 
Betty OBryan or Alice Clive
Contact Person Email: 
# of positions available: 
Position Open
Expected Service Opportunity Term End: 
Sunday, September 1, 2019
Hours per Month: