QUUF Usher Coordinator

Working with around 30 usher volunteers to coordinate their service on Sunday mornings for both services and for special occasions. Participating in the Sunday Services Team with the minister.

Detailed Description: 
After three years at the helm of a three month commitment to coordinate ushers, it's time for me to step aside and let someone else lead. So, what are the tasks and the time needed? For most of the administrative items I have templates in the computer to share and will provide training. > Coordinate Sunday Ushers - I usually go by the season or a three month spread, asking folks to sign up then following up on a monthly basis for unfilled positions. Occasionally there is a special request or someone needs to drop out. (2 hours/month) > Thanks to Ushers each Sunday - This keeps me in touch and often I receive valuable feedback. And besides, you deserve it. (2 hours/month) > Usher Service - To stay current on what is going on with usher tasks, I typically commit to four Sundays a year, but avoid substituting except for in emergencies. (2 hours/Sunday) > Usher Training Sessions - I usually hold two training sessions in the fall and again two sessions after the new year for new ushers and to refresh existing ushers. Besides usher tasks for each service, this includes safety and a discussion of dealing with surprises among those attending Sunday services. (1 1/2 hours per training session) > Reviewing and Updating Guidance - Things change occasionally in the service order or in requests from the minister or Board. This would include the 15 Point check list. Sunday Services Team - This involves meeting with team members and the minister to review Sunday operations and commitments. (2 hours per month?)
Service Term: 
3 years
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

Being an usher is a service position essential to the ongoing work of the Fellowship. There is an expected example and decor as one who represents the public face on Sunday. The coordinator has an opportunity to quickly know and appreciate dedicated volunteers who are also involved in other church activities. The coordinator also becomes known, knows others, and has an opportunity to experience and have a voice in Fellowship activities.

Skills Needed: 

Listening to others and encouraging participation
Actively watching sign ups

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

Brief mentoring and introductions; standard formats established

Contact Person: 
Rob Wamstad
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Position Open
Service Opportunity Filled By: 
Rob Wamstad
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