Safety and Risk Management Committee, Chairperson

Lead the Committee that worries for everyone else, evaluating the conditions of buildings and facilities and personal interactions in order to assure that QUUF is as safe and risk-free as possible  

Detailed Description: 
QUUF exists for the spiritual, religious, emotional and social opportunities for its members and friends. Physical and emotional safety is integral to meeting those needs. Assurance that a person will be as free from harm as possible contributes to a sense of well-being and security. This Committee, while acknowledging that we can’t prevent all accidents or minimize all interpersonal conflicts or make accessibility perfect for all, shows our compassion for fellow congregants by developing and implementing our safety policy that deals with high severity low frequency situations. The chairperson works with the Director of Family Ministry, Fellowship Sexton, other Staff, Buildings and Grounds and other committee chairs as appropriate to identify Safety and Risk Management issues. The responsibility of the SRMC is to develop a safety policy, keep it current, and implement it. Safety and Risk Committee members develop policies, procedures and actions. They conduct inspections and coordinate with other committees and staff to correct problems or implement steps to prevent unpleasant and potentially dangerous conditions and situations. Primary Activities: Conduct annual room by room safety review to identify any physical safety hazards and work with the Sexton to ensure they are corrected, hold an annual evacuation drill of the building, regularly conduct a Risk Survey and update our safety and risk policies.
Service Term: 
3 years
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

All of the SRMC members contribute to the spiritual and community experiences of fellowship members and visitors by allaying anxiety and concerns about risk of physical and emotional injury.  The chairperson benefits from collaboration with other committees and the leadership.  He or she learns interesting and useful information about the operation of the fellowship that may not be obvious to the general membership.

Skills Needed: 

Willingness to express information, knowledge, thoughts, and opinions in collaboration with others. Some knowledge of safety and risk issues associated with the fellowship facility and the needs of a diverse congregation is helpful.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

The committee will share knowledge, history, and skills to orient new members.

Contact Person: 
Bruce Laurie
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