Sunday Services Chair

The Sunday Services Committee maintains and enhances the content and quality of our Sunday Service.  The chair is the team leader for this committee’s “Leadership Team.”  The chair has the big-picture responsibility for the activities of others on the leadership team, for organizing meetings and for communication with QUUF Leadership and Staff.

Detailed Description: 
Sunday morning services are at the heart of our congregational life and ministry. This vital Committee uses a team-based approach in the support of the Sunday morning experience for members. Sunday Services Chair responsibilities include the following: 1. Schedule and announce committee meetings. 2. Facilitate meetings or recruit a facilitator for the meeting. 3. Act as committee contact for staff and leadership. 4. Act as the team lead for the leadership team of the committee. Other members of this team work on budget, annual report, leadership assembly, recruiting, recording minutes and job descriptions. The time commitment would be four hours per month, occasionally more during more intensive times for the committee. This amount of time includes calling meetings of the whole committee, and/or the leadership team of the committee, as needed (once every 1-3 months), as well as facilitating, or finding a facilitator, for meetings. Regular emails are also part of the work of this role, and communicating between the office and others on the committee.
Service Term: 
3 years
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

There is nothing more important than our Sunday Services to our congregational life and ministry.  The chair of Sunday Services plays a pivotal role  in supporting the ministers and the whole Sunday Services committee.  The chair benefits from the opportunity to develop leadership and facilitation skills.   A close working relationship with the ministers makes this and exceptional opportunity.

Skills Needed: 

The chair needs to be able to take responsibility and follow through on communication and organization for the committee including communication with other members of the leadership team, the office and the Board. The ability to facilitate a group of people is a must as is the ability to use email and access to a home computer.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

The minister and the board liaison to the committee supply support for the chair. In addition the chair receives periodic opportunities for leadership training through leadership assembly and UUA webinairs.

Contact Person: 
Kate Lore
Contact Person Email:
Ministry Team: 
# of positions available: 
Position Open
Service Opportunity Filled By: 
Carrie Andrews
Date Filled: 
Saturday, July 1, 2017
Expected Service Opportunity Term End: 
Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Hours per Month: