Sunday Services Committee Member

Take part in making morning services a rewarding experience for the congregation.  Using a Leadership Team approach , individual members organize various aspects such as ushers, summer speakers and other components of the Sunday service.

Detailed Description: 
The weekly Sunday Service is the focal point of the UU experience. Sunday Services committee members have the opportunity to provide input into this soulful community celebration. Serving on the committee involves a monthly meeting and participation in one or more of the roles assigned to the committee such as recruiting, selection of summer speakers, ushering, participation as a Sunday Services associate and preparing and disseminating minutes. Committee members spend a total of approximately three hours a month in these activities. One of the committee’s most important contributions is training and supplying ushers for the Sunday Services throughout the year.
Service Term: 
1 year
Benefits for the Volunteer and the Congregation: 

Participation in this committee provides:

  • Rewarding personal and spiritual growth in the knowledge that each member is making a substantial contribution to the overall satisfaction congregation members derive from Sunday Services.
  • Opportunity for learning new skills such as participating in Sunday Services, leadership, ushering and recruiting.
  • Working with and getting to know like-minded committee members whose common goal is to provide a rewarding Sunday Services experience for the congregation.
  • Opportunity to help reinforce the commitment congregation members feel toward QUUF.  
  • The feeling of togetherness and family that Sunday Services engender.
Skills Needed: 

First and foremost is the desire to help provide a rewarding experience for members at the Sunday Service. To do so will require such skills as taking responsibility for one or more of the elements that make up the service. Helpful skills would include the ability to work with other members of the committee, to consider the various needs of the congregation when formulating policy and to have an open mind to the variety and needs of individuals who make up the congregation. Committee members should be able to work independently as part of the team approach.

Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 

Training comes from hands-on experience working alongside committee members and learning about the various aspects of the Sunday Service. Committee members also benefit and learn from both ministers who participate in the committee.

Contact Person: 
Kate Lore
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Position Open
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